Pictures of
EAA AirVenture 2003 in Oshkosh WI

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Over Flying Chicago Enroute to Oshkosh

Meigs Field

Sears Tower, and Downtown Chicago

Oshkosh Arrivals

Control Tower for the World's Busiest Airport!!!
(at least for this week)

100 years of flight!

Runway 27 - later in the week, thousands of airplanes will be surrounding this runway!

Later in the week, airplanes are parked as far as the eye can see!

Frank Weissig and family arriving on runway 36

Bob Eurick arriving on 36

3 Bonanzas landing in formation

I can count over 30 aircraft on final approach!

Robert Siegfried arrives in his Turquoise Bonanza with another plane right behind

Greg sets up camp under the wing at our regular camping spot
in front of Basler FBO

Barb (One Short) and her Piper Tri Pacer

John and Sharon Voninski arrive to the vintage camping area.

Sholom and Leslie (Denmom) safely arrive in the North 40

Roy Thoma arrives with his new plane

Bill (Upside Down) setting up camp under the wing of my plane

Kevin (Zeus) and his brand new Cirrus SR22

EAA Museum

Wright Flyer

Gee Bee Racer

AeroCar (removable wings and tail)

P 51 Mustang

Debbie and a "Fat Man" H bomb - (Nagasaki bomb)

Spirit of St Louis

View from the upper balconies of this amazing museum

Another view from the upper balconlies


Debbie on Compass Hill

Compass Hill

Cousin Christy and Hobbes, who generously let us stay at their wonderful lakefront house on Lake Winnebago

I'm not too sure what to cal this contraption

Meeting up with Ted and Clayton

Greg checking out the cockpit of an RV-10

Chuck Yeager - first man to break the sound barrier

Greg and Bob Hoover

Greg driving a Segway

Tuskegee Airmen

Friends - Greg Wright and John Voninski

Relaxing after the air show under John's plane


Ford Tri-Motor

Boeing S-307 Clipper Flying Cloud

Tuskegee P-51

Babes and Airplanes
This is a group of very fun pilots... we got to meet a bunch of them on this trip.

Windsock flying over "Babe Central" at "One Short's" plane

Flymama (Debbie), Woof (Greg) and TriStar (Tristan) 

Flymama, Woof, One Short, Tristar, Frank (T*'s dad), Amelia, Bill under One Short's plane at Babe Central

Flymama,  Blackdog and Denmom

Denmom, 200 knots, Eagle Eye, Viper; Candy (on the ground)

Heather doing "airplane spins" while making airplane sounds

Zero, Flymama, Moxie, One Short, Zeus checking out the Betty Barnstormer clothing line

Gypsy and her sister Susan launching their new Betty Barnstormer business

Moxie preparing to do a table dance

Zero, Amelia, Bill, Firecat, Moxie, Woof, Flymama, Zeus and One Short

Jim and Moxie, enjoying some Moxie

Moxie and Greg playing pool at the cabins

Woof, Flymama, Gypsy, Blackdog, Denmom, One Short, Heather, Flash,  (back row - Eagle Eye, Viper)

Amazin, Moxie, Mile High

Strawberry, Blue Moon, Frank

Flymama, Droid's daughter, Woof, Droid, Moxie, Amelia, Mile High, Blue Moon, Cubbintime, One Short

Mile High, Bill, Emila, Gemini, Blue Moon, Sam, Gypsy, Flymama unwinding at the cabins

555 Juliet, Amelia, Bill, Mile High, Firecat, CaneNabled, Maverick, and  Azure relaxing in the AOPA tent

Sky Goddess

Grum Guy

Air Show Pictures

Liberty Parachute Team Opens the Air Show

War Birds over Oshkosh

Iron Eagle

Iron Eagle

Air - Air Combat

They are very close at high speed!

Wing Walking on Jet Powered Waco Bi-plane

Nasa's U2 landing

Jet Powered Truck

Jet Powered Truck

Look how close his wingtip is to the ground!

Buzzing the Truck

Team Aeroshell in formation

Team Aeroshell

Team Aeroshell

Close up of Aeroshell plane

Sean D Tucker

B-17 Flying Fortress

B-17's "wall of flame"

Wall of flame seconds later with B-17 departing

Patty Wagstaff


Michael Goulian flying upside down

Michael Goulian

Harrier Jet overflying at 500 knots!

Harrier Jet hovering

Departing Oshkosh

War birds depart while holding short

Taxi into position and hold behind a landing B-17

Over flying Mt Rushmore

Over flying Crazy Horse Monument

Devil's Tower Wyoming

Badlands National Park in South Dakota

Crossing the Rocky Mountains near the Grand Teton range

Home at last!!! Greg towing the plane back into it's hangar

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Photos by: Jim Pappas, Deb Pappas, Greg Pappas, Flash, and an unknown waitress
Copyright 2003 by Jim Pappas