Pictures of Florida

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Walt Disney World - Wilderness Lodge

Greg "crashed out" immediately after flying to Florida

Lobby of Disney's Wilderness Lodge

Wilderness Lodge from Bay Lake 

Bay Lake from Wilderness Lodge

Wilderness Lodge

Wilderness Lodge Lobby

All you can eat BBQ dinner at Wilderness Lodge

Kim and Debbie

"Marriott Cypress Harbour" Condo

View from our condo (Sea World tower in center)

View from our condo

Living Room

Dining Area


Kim making stir fry for the family

Master Bedroom Suite

Master Bedroom Suite

 "Florida Room"

Sea World Fireworks at night from our "Florida Room"

Magic Kingdom

Fireworks over the castle

We decide to have a serious moment

Electric Water Pageant

Electric Water Pageant

Epcot Center

Deb, Greg, and Kim at Epcot Center

Kim waiting for the rope to drop for the mad dash to be the first on "Test Track"

Pappas family on the first "Test Track" vehicle of the day

Screaming around the track

Disney's picture of barrier crash test (see Jim's pic on right)

Jim's cockpit view of barrier crash test (see Disney's pic on left)

Jenn, Greg, Debbie and Kim on the way to Morocco for lunch

Inside Morocco restaurant

Belly dancer performing by our table

Waiter Mohammed pouring our mint tea

Lunch in Japan's Teppanyaki Restaurant

Onion volcano erupting


All of us at the Rock n' Rollin Coaster

Goofy (Kim), Greg, and Debbie

Jenn in front of Mary Poppin's horse

Greg, Jenn, Debbie and Kim on Great Movie Ride

Jenn and Debbie in Disney-MGM

Kim and one of her favorite icons "Rosie the Riveter"

Kim gets cast as an extra in "Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular"

Greg has to perform "I'm a little teapot" in the 50's Prime Time Cafe after getting caught with his elbows on the table

Greg, Jenn and Kim on Rock n' Roller Coaster

Greg, Jenn, Kim and Jim on Rock n' Roller Coaster

Disney's Animal Kingdom

Kim and Greg talk to a dinosaur

Lunch with our gorilla friend looking over out table

Debbie, Kim and Greg

Kim gets soaked on Kali River Rapids
(she was the only one wearing a bathing suit too!)

Pleasure Island

Pleasure Island

Arriving at PI

Jim and Debbie at Comedy Warehouse

Comedians do an improvisational story on the Pappas family, including Jim & Greg's  flight to Orlando, and how Jim & Debbie
met at a pajama party 29 years ago!

Live entertainment at PI

Kim, Greg, Debbie and Jim stage side at PI

Kim and Jenn enjoying the night

Greg and Jim at  the Adventurer's Club


"Teamboat Springs" raft ride at Blizzard Beach water park

Debbie and Jim riding the bus

Jim, Greg and Kim on the water sprites




Five little piggies order a "kitchen sink" sundae
at "Beaches and Cream"

All the flavors of ice cream, all of the toppings, a whole 
can of whipped cream, and more make up the "kitchen sink"

Greg Parasailing on Bay Lake

Kimberly on her way up to 650 feet

Debbie getting briefed

Debbie Parasailing

Jim returning to the boat

Kim in her MM beach towel

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Photos by: Jim, Debbie and Greg Pappas, as well as some total strangers
Copyright 2003 by Jim Pappas