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Victoria British Columbia
"BMW First Daze of Summer Crater Cruize"

On June 22nd, less than 12 hours from our return from Fiji, we began the second leg our sabbatical, a driving trip around the Pacific NW.   It ended up that June 21st was the only night Jim spent at home during the entire sabbatical.  The driving portion of the trip began with a drive (and ferry) to Victoria BC for three days with our son Greg, and our friends Bill and Debra Linhart.  This was followed by a five day BMW Z4 driving trip for Debbie, with a three day drive down the Oregon coast with our friends Ron and Michelle Mosgrove, and a two day driving adventure with a group of BMW Z series roadster enthusiasts.  

Victoria was wonderful!  It was our first trip up there (Jim, Debbie and Greg), and the city is beautiful.  Bill and Debra celebrated their anniversary there 22 years ago, and this was their first trip returning as well.   We shared a condo overlooking Victoria harbor watching the "runway" for the seaplane base.   We did some touring (via bus) to see the city, and the Butchart gardens.   We would have been happy spending the entire time just watching the harbor... It was so relaxing. We spent three days (2 nights) in Victoria, and another night at Discovery Bay on the Olympic Peninsula.  

The drive down the coast was nice.  Ron and Michelle drive a BMW M-coupe, and we spent the following five days with them doing some serious driving.  For the most part, Debbie was the primary driver of her Z4, but she let Jim drive it every once and a while.  We spent 2 nights at Depoe Bay, sharing a condo with Ron and Michelle, watching the ocean crashing below our deck.    From there, we drove to Ashland, where we joined the group from www.roadfly.com for the "First Daze of Summer Crater Cruize".  This is a group of pretty serious BMW roadster drivers, and we had a great time with them.  The following morning, nineteen BMW roadsters left for the drive to Crater Lake National Park.  We took some drives around the rim of the crater, as well as down the Rogue River valley for more variety of twisty, winding roads.  All went well and we met a great bunch of folks.  Ron and Michelle then led the group up to Bend Oregon, and others led part of the group back up to Seattle, the starting point for many of the participants.


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Photos by: Jim Pappas
Copyright 2003 by Jim Pappas