Superbowl Party in Seaside Oregon

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Superbowl XXXIX - 2005

New England Patriots (24) VS Philadelphia Eagles (21)

Most Watch the Game on the Big Screen TV

Todd Prefers to Watch the Game Surrounded with Babes

Bill Manages the Wagers

Betting Board

Bennet (assistant Mgr) and Rob (Resort Manager) Make Sure We are under Control

Rob Decides to Compete in the Superbowl Trivia Contest

Everyone Getting Ready to Eat

Game Time

Debbie and Debra

Anna, Marilyn, and Cindy

Dinner was Philly Cheese Steak, and New England Clam Chowder

Derek and Todd Cooking "Philly" Cheese Steak

Anita and Debbie Cheer on the Patriots

Casual Conversation Watching the Game

Debbie, Debra, Judy, Melissa, and Diane

Debbie and Alberta

Debbie, Alberta, Dennis, and Chris

Tim Performing Personal Hygiene

Janet and Jim talking with Dennis and Alberta

Just a few of the Appetizers


Debbie's Eyes Never Leave the Screen

Jim and Debbie

Diane and Rodney

Vince and Judy

Al and Anna

Bill and Debra

Jerry and Tim

Anita is the Big Prize Winner

Anita Counting Her Winnings

Debbie Cooking the Bacon For Breakfast

Jim Cooking the Eggs

Vince Relaxing

Judy Never Sits Still

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Photos by: Jim Pappas and others
Copyright 2005 by Jim Pappas