Superbowl Party in Depoe Bay Oregon

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Superbowl XXXVIII - 2004

New England (32) vs. Carolina (29)


Game time with the Pacific Ocean as the backdrop

This was the largest turnout Superbowl party to date

Jim - Cook #1

Todd - Cook #2

Debbie is the only Patriot's fan

Loot at that smile :)

Bill keeps track of all of the wagers

Debbie collects the cash

Bill and Debra enjoying the view

Vince and Judy Cellerini

Anita and Derrick the Barber (free haircuts for "Derrick Style")

Melissa and Todd



Susan and Chip flew in from Ohio for the party

Joe and Elaine

Jason and Julie


Debbie and Melissa

Cindy and Chris


Tom, Cindy and Debra

Jim and Debbie

What a great location for a party!

Crew goes out to Mo's for Dinner one night

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Photos by: Jim Pappas and others
Copyright 2005 by Jim Pappas