Seaside Oregon Penthouse

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In May of 2004 we purchased a condo in the town of Seaside which is on the northern Oregon Coast.  We spend a lot of time here now on the weekends enjoying the views and sounds of the ocean waves.  We absolutely love being on the coast regardless of how the weather is outside.  Our 6th floor penthouse (#6602) has a panoramic view of the pacific ocean and we can see from Tillamook Head to the south... up into Washington State to the north.    We look directly down onto the "Seaside Turnaround" which is the absolute end of the Lewis and Clark trail.  Seaside is the most popular beach in Oregon with lots of activities.   Some of the more popular include the finish of the "Hood to Coast" road relay race every year, Beach Volleyball Tournaments, Sand Castle contests, and many more.   Maybe it's most "infamous" reputation is as the place college students spend their spring break... making the town of Seaside into the Pacific Northwest's version of Ft Lauderdale (but on a smaller scale)

We had lots of family visit this year including Peggy Goodwin (Debbie's mom), Louis and Mary Pappas (Jim's parents), and George and Laurie Pappas (Jim's brother and sister-in-law).   It was wonderful for us to spend time with them at the coast.  We had our first Christmas away from the house this past year... with a ocean views rather than our normal time at our house in the suburbs.  It was nice having all of the kids home from college spending time with us at the beach.   We are looking forward to spending more time here with the entire family.

Jim works from the condo four weeks/year now (one week every season) catching up without the distractions in the office.  He also uses the condo to hold offsite meetings with some of his senior staff members mapping out the direction for his group.  Since it is only a bit over an hour to his office, he can commute in if necessary for important meetings, but to date, he has only done that for one day.

In March of 2005, Jim was appointed a two year term to serve on the Board of Director's of the Seaside Condo Association.

Seaside Condo Pictures

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Exterior, Interior, and Floor plan pictures

Views from the Condo

Family Visiting Us in Seaside

Christmas At Seaside

Friends Visiting Us at Seaside

Jim's Offsite Staff Meetings

Superbowl Party at Seaside

Seaside Activities

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Photos by: Jim Pappas and others
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