Friends Visiting Us in Seaside Oregon

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Labor Day '03 - Our first trip to Seaside

Pappas and Linhart Families spend the weekend

Al and Anna Visit for Dinner

Greg, Julia, and Ann Marie


Bill is the BBQ Man

Bill is Also Part-time Drill Sergeant

The Kids Invite New Friends over for Root Beer Floats

Greg and Loren Become Good Friends 


Entertaining Friends in our Condo

Donna, Darwin, John, Sally, Nena, Glenda, John, and Debbie

John and Glenda from 5501

Darwin and Donna live across the hall in 6601

John and Sally live in 8818

Bill and Debra 

Jim with Nena (also from 8819)

The three "Fiji Couples"

Our Friend Bob Earns His Nickname "Torch" One Night After Debbie Lights Him on Fire (from a candle)

Bob and Wendy

Bob and Sherrie

Wendy, Bob, Debbie, Neil, Sherrie

Neil and Sherrie

Alison and Jim (pilot friends)

Jim and Gwen (more pilot friends)


Bill and Karen (even more pilot friends)

 Allyson, Debbie, Jim, and Gwen

Barb and Barry from Vancouver BC

Barry, Barb and Debbie

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Photos by: Jim Pappas and others
Copyright 2005 by Jim Pappas