Leavenworth WA

December 2004/2005

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The Town of Leavenworth

Welcome Sign

The Christmas Decorations are Still Here in Mid January 

Gazebo with Live German Music Playing

Fireworks for the Winter Festival

Mountains Tower Above the Town

Quaint Shops, All with Bavarian Architecture

Horse Drawn Carriages

Light Turn on as Twilight Approaches

Mountain Tops Extend Through the Morning Cloud Layer

Debbie Poses with a Nutcracker

Exhibit at the Nutcracker Museum

Exhibit at the Nutcracker Museum

Jim, Debbie, Kimberly, Bob and Wendy

Kimberly Stopped in During a Drive from Missoula to Portland

The Five of us Enjoyed a Wonderful Bavarian Meal

Debbie, Kimberly, and Jim Enjoying the Snowfall

Mother and Daughter Hugs

Debbie and Jim Alone for Dinner

Jim and Debbie Enjoying the Town

Debbie Checks out the Airplanes

Wendy and Bob Shopping

Wendy and Bob

Jim, Debbie Wendy, Bob

Bob, Jim, Debbie, and Wendy Having a Bavarian Lunch

Activities in Leavenworth

Tandem Skis Lined Up at the Starting Line

Racers Preparing for the Starting Gun

Crossing the Finish Line

Dog Sled Pulling Contest (concrete blocks on the sled)

Winter Ice Festival


Winter Wonderland

Adult Hot Tub was Directly Next to our Condo

Outside of Condo

Kids Sledding Day and Night

View over the Golf Course (X-Country Ski Course)

X-Country Skiers Behind our Unit

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Photos by: Jim Pappas
Copyright 2003 by Jim Pappas