New Interior for N206JD

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 Original Interior

 Here are a few pictures of the original interior.  It was fine in its time... but we wanted a more modern, and more comfortable interior.   Some elements like the headliner were in pretty poor condition, and some of the plastic parts were cracked.   Also, we only had a 4 place intercom system installed, so replacing the interior allowed the installation of headset jacks at all 6 seats.


Original Interior Looking Aft


Original Interior Looking Forward

Interior Cockpit Organization

We decided that we would like to have good cockpit organization we had some custom organizers built to fit between the seats to hold all of our charts, and miscellaneous equipment that is needed during flight.   We also had custom bins designed into the side panels to hold equipment such as emergency gear, flashlights, gust locks, tools, fuel samplers etc.  Here are a few items that we incorporated into the interior design.


Front and Rear Custom Cockpit Organizers by Sair Corp (   Armrests use the same leather as the interior, and the units are powder coated to match.  Dimensions are set to hold charts, Jeppeson binders, flight log books, etc, as well as pens, sunglasses and other misc. pilot supplies.

A Garmin 296 portable GPS (not shown) mounts to the front of the Pilot's arm rest, and does not interfere in any way with operation of controls, yet is easy to operate, and is very visible.   The GPS is wired into the aircraft's power supply, an external GPS antenna, and receives cross-fed data from the panel mount 530's.  Wiring chases are built into the custom organizer that allow the wires to spool out easily.  In case of emergency, the GPS can be quickly moved to the top of Glare shield (into primary scan) without disconnecting any of the GPS wiring (critical for the external antenna).


Front of Arm Rest Includes a Battery Back-up LED Lighting System Which Will Illuminate the Panel.  Quick Release Rail System is used to Attach Portable GPS.  Wire Chase is Shown on Lower Left.


Base is Designed to Hold Oxygen Bottle Horizontally


Special Wiring Chases are Built in to Route GPS Wires


Arm Rest Opens to Hold Pilot Supplies and Also Swings Up to Access Main Compartment.


Front and Rear Organizers Shown with some of the Accessories Attached.   Unattached Bin is Designed to Hold Halon Fire Extinguisher, or can be used as a Trash Bin.

Current Status: Many of the Interior Pieces have been refurbished.  Overall interior project is awaiting completion of the panel


Interior Shop: Aviation Design Inc.  Hillsboro OR; (503) 681-2400
Custom Organizer: Sair Corportation.
Photos by Jim Pappas, Larry Stanford and others
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