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Gregory James Pappas
April 2, 1986 - June 23, 2005

 Family Letter read to Gregory at his Funeral

 Dear Gregory,

You already know how much we love you, and you know how very much we will miss you.   The response from the community has been overwhelming… and it is because you touched so many people in such a positive way.  You truly led an incredible life.

It was so much fun watching you become an adult… and dad constantly says that you used to be his son… but that you became his best friend.   Mom cherishes your gentle heart, and your kind spirit.   Although you became a fine young man, you will always be her “baby boy”.  Your love for her was so deep and so unwavering… it tells highly of what a respectful person you are.

Kimberly says that you will always be her “baby bubba” and that she knows how sad you were when she moved to Montana to attend college.    You know how much she loved it when you visited her, and she was really looking forward to you flying out to visit her once you received your pilot’s license.  Jennifer loves you so deeply and she will miss your compassion toward everybody.   She said she will miss planning “road trips” with you; she is very proud to have you as her brother.  Even Spike seems to know that you are gone, and will miss the way that you cradled him.

We have been visiting Amanda, and although she was teary eyed… the first words to us were “He died doing something that he loved”.   We reaffirmed that she would always be part of our family.   You did a great job in choosing a wonderful young woman as your fiancée.

Gregory, Thank you for all that you have given us.  Life will be very different for us without you here, but you have made us all better people.  Our faith is keeping us strong and we know that you are with God. We will miss your smile and your hugs - but we will hold you in our hearts forever.  

With all our love,

Dad, Mom, Jennifer, and Kim



Special note from Dad:

Son, I want you to know that Mom and I chose a lovely spot for your burial… and that both of us will be joining you someday, lying by your side.    When asked where you should be buried, my immediate response was: “I want Gregory on my right side”.   Mom said… that is nice because whenever you flew, Greg was on your right.    After thinking about this for only a second… I changed my mind.   All pilots know which is the “seat of honor” so we will spend eternity side by side… with you in the “left seat”.

Love, Dad


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