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Gregory in Scouting
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Order of the Arrow "Brotherhood Ceremony Site" is dedicated to Gregory

Gregory was very active in the Boy Scouts and the Order of the Arrow.  Here he is dressed ready for the evening OA ceremonies   Following Gregory's accident, the members of the Sunset Trail Ceremony's Team worked for months creating a new  "Brotherhood Ceremony Site" at Camp Meriwether near Tillamook Oregon.  On May 20th, 2006, the site was dedicated to Gregory, and the plaque shown above was erected in his honor.



Gregory's Philmont Troop

Gregory's Philmont Boots


Gregory's Philmont Boots

One of the toughest (and most fun) activities a scout can undertake is a trip to the Philmont Ranch in New Mexico. This 17 day, 100 mile hiking trip is full of new challenges each day with high terrain, steep vertical climbs, and intense temperatures.  During the campfire at one of the camps, it is customary to "brand" your boots.   Gregory was very proud of this trip, and he loved his old hiking boots.  We do not think that he was in a hurry to retire these.

We decided that these boots needed to stay with Gregory...   His body now lays dressed in his "Sunday Best", wearing a suit and tie, with his Philmont boots.



Mom Accompanies Gregory at the Award Cerimony

Gregory and David Brinker





Order of the Arrow

Idaho Camping Trip


Gregory Playing the Part of "The Loon", in the Modicum

Gregory as the Loon


Venture Scouts

Venture Scouts


Greg remained active in scouting beyond his 18th birthday, and became an assistant scout master.   He was working very hard to train, and lead the Portland troop to the National Jamboree in Washington DC which was occuring a few weeks following his accident.  The boys wore a lanyard with Gregory's "Prayer Card" around their necks during the National Jamboree


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