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I was born on April 2nd 1986 in Leominster Massachusetts.   I am a student at Portland Community College and plan to pursue a degree in engineering.   I will probably transfer to Oregon State in Corvallis.

I enjoy flying small planes with my dad, and I plan to get my pilots license.   Here, my dad let me sit in the left seat, and I piloted the plane from Hillsboro, to Astoria, down the Oregon Coast... and finally back to Hillsboro.   It was a lot of fun, and I look forward to continuing to learn to fly.

I am an avid skier, and I was previously a member of Westview HS ski team.  I also like to snowboard, and I try to make a few trips each year with my sisters.  We used to take family ski vacations all of the time, and I am hoping that we can do those again soon.


Greg and Amanda at Seaside


Greg and Amanda in the Seaside Condo

This is a picture of Amanda, who is my Fiancée.   She is also a student at PCC.   Here is a picture of her joining us at our condo at Seaside.   She is also planning to take a trip with us next summer to Walt Disney World, and it will be her first trip there.   I am looking forward to show her everything there.   We have vacationed at WDW ever since I was 3 years old.


Greg and Mickey


Greg and Minnie

Here are a few pictures of my dad and I during a trip to DisneyLand in California this past summer.   A year ago, the two of us flew the plane from Portland to Orlando where we met the girls and spent two weeks at Walt Disney World.   That trip was awesome!   After Orlando, my mom joined us, and the three of us flew from Orlando to Massachusetts to visit our relatives, and then we flew to the air show in Oshkosh WI.   After a week at OSH, we flew back to Portland.   That was a five week flying adventure of a lifetime!

Every time Kim and I get in front of a camera, she wants another picture of me carrying her.   Here is yet another of those pictures!

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