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Gregory Flying
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Gregory's First Erector Set Design - An Airplane


Gregory's First Flying Lesson at age 12
(4 years before he can drive a car)


Greg Helps Pilot the plane to Florence Or
Christmas Eve 1999


Greg Flies with Uncle Mark on a trip to Massachusetts

Greg joins the "Rocket Club" in Middle School

Greg with his 3 Stage Rocket... It was lost on its first flight!

Greg Builds a Water Rocket as an experiment




Greg was delighted when we bought our Cessna 206 in 2001


Pulling it back into the hangar


Any Opportunity to Fly... Gregory was always ready


Gregory Takes a Helicopter Flight

Dad Took Instruction to Operate the Plane from the Right Seat
This Gave Gregory the Opportunity to sit in the Pilot Seat


Gregory and Dad Teach Boy Scouts About Flying
The Boys Earn their Aviation Merit Badge

Greg Helps Us Fly Kimberly to University of Montana 


Gregory Does Para Sailing in Florida


Oshkosh 2002 and 2003


Dad and Gregory Flying to Oshkosh


Gregory pitches his Tent Under The Wing


Mom and Greg at the Entrance Gates


Greg Visits the Air Museum... Wearing his "Protect Our Planes" hat that he obtained for his volunteer efforts at OSH '02


Greg and Mom Tour OSH by Helicopter

Greg with Mom and Cousin Christy


Out on the Flight Line

Gregory Always Wanted to Learn More About Flying

Dad and Greg Depart for OSH 2003

Greg Was Always Helping with the Avionics and Navigation


Gregory Enjoys the Times with the "Babes and Airplanes" group

Greg Forms a Special Friendship with the B&A Leader - "Moxie"

Greg Enjoys the TImes with our CPA Friends

Greg Rides a Segway at OSH


Greg Pushing N206JD Back Into the Hangar After Another Successful OSH Trip.


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