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Gregory's Cemetery Site
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Gregory was buried on July 1, 2005 in the "Alter Garden" section of Mt. Calvary Catholic Cemetery in Portland Oregon.  Until very recently, this area was reserved exclusively for Catholic priests and bishops.   On the day of Gregory's burial, the Reverend Bishop Steiner announced that the priests will be in good company.

The Alter Garden with Gregory's Memorial Bench in the Foreground.
The area is lovely and is the site of the annual Memorial Day and other special services.

Gregory's Memorial Bench


Gregory's Grave Marker

When Gregory was nine years old, we took a winter cross country ski trip into Yellowstone National Park.   Since that time, the buffalo has been Gregory's favorite animal.   This marker captures Greg's love of the outdoors and animals.  The clouds in the sky capture his desire to be able to fly above the earth, and the Latin Cross represents Gregory's love of God.


Christmas Tree on Gregory's Grave Marker
Included are ornaments of some of Gregory's favorite things including a ski boot picked by Jennifer, Boy Scout emblem, hiking boot, lighthouse, airplane, snowman, cross, a bear picked out by Kimberly and Mickey Mouse.


Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God - Matthew 5:8

Inscription on the rear of Gregory's memorial bench


Alter Garden


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