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Gregory at Walt Disneyworld
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Walt Disneyworld has been a constant favorite of our family.   Our first trip was in November 1989.  It was an instant hit, and we continued going year after year.  In fact, we pretty much continuously held annual passes to WDW since we would go so often.

Typhoon Lagoon holds the strongest visual memories that we have of Gregory while visiting Walt Disneyworld .  As we would drift around Castaway Creek... Gregory would constantly push and drag our tubes to ensure that we took advantage of every water feature offered!


Entire Family on Our First WDW Vacation


Gregory in a Water Sprite

Our Favorite Resort - Yacht and Beach Club


Family Pictured during our 2000 trip


Pappas Family Rides in "Test Track"


Rock N Roller Coaster

Gregory Enjoying "Tonga Toast" at "Egg Eyes Restaurant"


Gregory has to Sing and Perform "I'm a Little Teapot" at the 50's Prime Time Cafe after he was caught with his elbows on the table.


Kids Visit Some Characters


Pappas Family at Animal Kingdom Soon After it Opens


Jennifer and Gregory Playing Chess at the Beach Club Resort

"All You Can Drink Milkshakes" Make Whispering Canyon one of the Favorites


Gregory and Kimberly Ride in the nose of the Monorail


Gregory Under Water in Castaway Creek


Greg on the Water Sprite

Greg and all of the girls when we meet up with the Smiths


Kimberly and Gregory at MGM Studios


Kim and Greg with a "live" Statue

Gregory waiting for Fireworks with the Smiths

Kim and Gregory on the Carrousel


Greg Learns to Belly Dance in Morroco


Ridding a Surry Bike


Greg and Minnie

Gregory and Mickey

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