Collection of Flying Trips with Friends and Family

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Debbie Decides to Take Flying Lessons

Debbie had always had a fear of flying... even on commercial flights.   After she saw that I (Jim) was really going through with learning how to fly, without discussing it with anyone, she decided to sign up for some lessons, and as a surprise, invited me out to see her first flight.   Ever since that day, her fear of getting into planes has disappeared, and she now travels with us all the time.   She took enough lessons to get to the point of being able to fly, and land the plane, but she has not pursued actually getting her pilot's license.  She seems content to be an "active passenger".  She has an uncanny ability to see other traffic and is more effective than on-board radar.


Debbie and Nels Pre-flight the Plane


Debbie's First Flight

Greg Takes His First Flying Lesson at Age 12 (1998)

By contrast, Greg has every ambition of getting his pilot's license.   This is a picture of Greg getting his first lesson at age 12.


Greg and His Instructor Jason Going Over the Checklist


Greg Flies a Plane 4 Years Before He Can Drive a Car


At Age 16, Greg is flying the 206.   I am sitting in the right (co-pilot) seat, and I have taken instruction on operating the plane from that position.  During my first sabbatical from Intel, we flew completely around the country and Greg received a lot of practical experience on planning, and executing safe flights.  Greg has a very strong aptitude to understand, and operate all of the aircraft systems.   I think that he will be a good pilot soon.

Flight to Park City (Deer Valley) Utah - Sept 2001

This trip was in the wake of the 9/11/2001 terrorist attack.   General Aviation had been shut down, and was just re-opened when we took this trip.  We were prohibited from flying in any Class B airspace but we were able to make the flight.   The country was shock.


Gene and Judy Pitts, Mitch and Cheryl Vogt, Bill and Karen Hollenbeck, Jim and Debbie Pappas fly to Park City Utah for a weekend.


Gondola ride at Park City


Park City


Bill Fly's his Cirrus SR-22 Demonstrator (he worked for Cirrus)


Bill and Karen


Cheryl and Mitch


Gene and Judy


Jim and Debbie

Miscellaneous Flyouts


Jim and Kimberly Fly to Hoquium for a $100 Hamburger


Frank and the boys (Joe and Sean).


Gene, Judy, Brian, Amanda, Jim, Debbie, Frank (& boys) make a trip to Sunriver OR


Frank and the Boys


Newport Oregon Flyout


Newport Oregon Flyout


Jim and Todd during our Superbowl Weekend Flight


Debra and Debbie during our Superbowl Weekend Flight

Our First Trip to Oshkosh - July 2001

This first trip to Oshkosh was really special for us.  We had never attempted a flight of this magnitude, and it was our first time crossing the Rocky Mountains.  We flew with Kitty Runyan, and her instructor Twyla.   Kitty was battling breast cancer, and she knew this would be her first and last chance ever to fly to Oshkosh.   We had a wonderful trip flying in "loose formation" (basically within radio contact) of Kitty... and being with her let us see aviation through her eyes.   Kitty died of breast cancer before the 2002 Oshkosh, and we miss her very much, but we feel very happy that we were able to share this dream with her.


Jim and Debbie Arrive at the Oshkosh Airshow


World's busiest control tower.  14,000 airplanes will arrive this week!


Twyla and Kitty


Twyla, Kitty and Debbie


Kitty and Twyla camping under Kitty's Plane


Rick and Mary Meyers


Some of the Crew Watching the Airshow


John and Sharon Voninski, Greg and Pat Wright

Flying Friends and Family


Jim Ryan with his Mooney


Pete and Pat Peterson with their Mooney


Jim, Debbie Pappas, and Amanda Woodruff during the Scavenger Hunt


Jeff and Ellen Reitzel visit us from Idaho


Ron Mosgrove Flying with Jim


Our Beautiful Wives, Michelle and Debbie in the Back.


Karen Posing with Her New Plane


Karen and Bill Hollenbeck


Ken Lanham's Lancer IV


Ken's Panel


Brian, Amanda, Doug, Jim, Greg and Jim take a Christmas Eve Flight to Florence OR


The Crew at Captain Kirk's School of Aeronautics


Debbie and I Fly to Friday Harbor (San Juan Islands) for Lunch


Departing Friday Harbor


Roger and Karen Anderson, Doug Vanvelkin, and us at Sunriver


The Crew at Sunriver Lodge


Kim takes a Helicopter Ride


Greg and Kim after their Flights.

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Photos by: Jim Pappas and Others
Copyright 2003 by Jim Pappas