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Fiji Islands
February '04

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The Three Couples

Vince and Judy Cellerini


Bill and Debra Linhart

 Jim and Debbie Pappas

All 6 of us


Vince and Judy the "Noodle Lady"

Bill and Debra at the Seafront Restaurant


Jim and Debbie relaxing in the condo

Relaxation at the Resort

Bill, Vince, and Debbie at the swim-up bar

On our way back to the resort on a "stretch" golf cart

Debra getting a massage poolside/oceanside

Jim and Debbie getting side-by-side massages


High Fashion Poolside


Bill bending a tree

Jim and Debra go Scuba Diving


Debra practicing in the pool


Debra with her instructor Nori


Nori and Jim holding Debra's hand at 40'


Nori piloting the dive boat


Jim ready for a dive


Jim exploring the reef


Dive partners Neil, Eleanor and Andrew


Joe the DiveMaster


Jim's diving buddy Dave


Jim exiting from his first dive


Jim, David, Neil and Andrew on dive #1


Coral as we emerge from a canyon


Jim swarmed by Zebra Fish


Jim handling a Sea Cucumber


Surrounded by fish!


I never did learn what type of fish this was


Close-up of coral formations


Jim just above the coral


We found this Lionfish under a ledge


This lobster was under the same ledge... antenna span was over 1M


We went through this tight canyon


Unknown fish

Exploring the Island


Debra and Judy on the open air town bus


If it starts raining, you roll down the tarps on the sides of the bus


Residents have gravesites in front of their houses


More gravesites


Typical family house


More local houses


Debbie, Debra, and Judy shopping in Nadi


Bill (Oregon State Police) visits the Nadi police shack

Judy shopping at the open air market

Open air market




Close up photo of Temple


Waiting for opposite direction traffic on the "two way" bridge


You also need to make sure there is no train coming!


Our guide called this the "Golden Gate Bridge"


Debbie was upset that I made our car stop on the bridge for this pic


Bill decides to walk... but regrets his decision about 1/2 way across


This would be a bad time to see an opposite direction train

Coral Coast


Our guide brought us to a beautiful secluded beach


Same beach


Jim and Debra decide to ride horses down the beach


The owner of the horses who offered us a ride


Local villagers came to our site, and offered their wares


Debra returns after getting thrown from her horse

Hiring a Chef

One night we decided to hire a chef to come to our condo and prepare a gourmet meal for us.   They set our room up for the feast, prepared the food in our kitchen, and then cleaned up for us... we never had to leave the comfort of our room, and we felt very pampered by the whole experience!


Chef and server prepare for the meal


Table set for the six of us


Chef preparing our 5 course meal


Enjoying our main course


Everything was wonderful... here is our dessert



Other Resort Activities


Judy and Debra use the bicycles to explore Denarau Island


Cycling on the golf cart paths


Fetching coconuts


Show-off :)


Riding the "Bula Bus" that connects the various resorts


Jim and Debbie doing water aerobics


Judy... What are you holding?


Lighting of the torches at the Sheraton


Evening "lighting of the torches" at WorldMark/Trendwest


Jim and Debra go Sea Kayaking


Irisi (middle) leads our group out on a kayaking trek


Fire Dancers poolside during "seafood night feast"


Fire Dancers

Lovo and Meke


Wood fire is used to heat rocks in Lovo pit


Food is placed over hot rocks


Food is then covered with wet vines

  Next is wet burlap... then buried

End result is a real feast!

Meke Performers


Meke Dancers


Meke Performers sing the National Farewell Song

Other People we met at Fiji


Fredrick Decker - Best (most responsive) resort manager we've encountered at any WorldMark

Fredrick visiting with Debbie and Jim in our condo


Dole took care of our every need... from arranging for shopping trips, cars, reservations at each resort.


Judy's friend Felite who brought us a Lovo meal to our condo

Kula EcoPark


Kula EcoPark


Jim and Debbie


Host explains the concept of the EcoPark


Debbie has a conversation with a parrot


Save' (our driver) feeds the turtles


Lots of beautiful birds in the EcoPark


One objective is to teach schoolchildren a respect for nature


Huge Bats


Iguanas too


This above ground root system has multiple trees growing from it

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Photos by: Jim Pappas and others
Copyright 2004 by Jim Pappas