Pictures of
"First Daze of Summer Crater Cruize"

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Depoe Bay (Oregon Coast)

Debbie and her Z4 (FLYNZ4)

Ron and his M-Coupe

Michelle and Debbie planning our route

Planning complete

Our favorite Oregon Coast restaurant

Canyon Way Restaurant and Bookstore

Relaxing by the fire and enjoying the view

Oh what a view!

Mo's famous clam chowder in Newport

All 4 of us



Callahan's Inn

Breakfast with the "Bay Area" crew

California crew on the deck of Callahan's

Assembling for the Crater Cruize

Blaine (Big Daddy) giving the morning briefing

Briefing crowd

"RoadsterGal" gets an honorary ///M badge for her Miata, the only non-BMW at the cruize.

Special luggage for the back of a Z3


License Plates


Cruize to Crater Lake

Ron and Michelle taking the position behind us

Heading out of Ashland

Debbie enjoying the moment

Jim as passenger

Road break


Nineteen sports cars lined up

Hoods up

Entering Crater Lake National Park

Lined up to pay our entrance fees

Ron and Michelle

We arrive at the lodge

Crater Lake

Crater Lake

Driving around the rim of Crater Lake

Still snow on the ground in late June

Rest stop on crater lake rim road

Debbie and her Z4

Continuing our drive around the rim

Objects in mirror are closer than they appear (Ron and Michelle)

Rouge River

Rouge River

Group stops for an ice cream break after a long day of driving

Debbie driving the crater rim one more time at sunset

Ron and Michelle relaxing in the lodge

Sunset over Crater Lake

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Photos by: Jim Pappas
Crater Cruize Organized by Blaine from
Copyright 2003 by Jim Pappas